Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Law Firm

Specializing in Auto Accidents, DUI Defense, Personal Injury and Criminal Defense

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Law Firm

Over 75 Years of Experience Handling Personal Injury and Criminal Cases

Injured in an Auto Accident?
Charged with DUI?
Recently Arrested?

Let the lawyers at Seewald, Mielnicki & Petro put their 75 years of combined experience to work for you. We offer reasonable rates- hourly, flat and, in personal injury cases, a reasonable contingency fee.

Extensive Experience with a Proven Record of Success

The attorneys of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania law firm, Seewald, Mielnicki & Petro have a proven track record of very favorable results for our clients that can be verified through public records. All of our clients are important to us, but we will always do our best to treat you as though you were our only client!

We have represented an NFL Pro Bowl Player and the daughter of a network television actor but they were truly no more important to us than any one of our other clients

Our attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience and our fees are very reasonable. We take tough cases that other lawyers may not take and we have been successful in many of them. We have no doubt that insurance companies know who we are; we have no doubt that prosecutors in many different counties know who we are. We want you to know who we are and what we are about, so call us today, e-mail us, or come in and meet with us for a FREE consultation.

Affordable Representation - Fair Contingency Fee

At Seewald, Mielnicki and Petro, we know for certain our rates are reasonable. In criminal cases we charge a very reasonable flat fee which is the common method of payment for criminal representation in Western PA. For cases like family law matters, we accept payment plans and our hourly rates are below the normal rates charged by attorneys handling such matters. In personal injury cases we take a fair contingency fee. Many lawyers are now taking 40% or more. While we have no idea what a fair contingency fee is we simply believe that the client should receive twice as much as the attorney so our firm never takes a 40% contingency fee.

Think about this:

  • Do you want a lawyer that is part of a huge law firm that might have a thousand or more clients?
  • Would you choose a doctor for you or your loved ones based upon catchy gimmicks communicated to you in a TV or radio ad?

I cannot imagine choosing a doctor to treat any of my three children because they had a catchy gimmick in a TV ad that I liked. I cannot envision choosing a doctor because they claimed they were good without verifying myself that they truly were.

While many lawyers think they are as important as doctors, we are not. I, Robert E. Mielnicki, due to illness of family members knows this too well. The fact is, however, that people trust attorneys with matters that may drastically affect their lives. Lawyers remain very important to the injured trying to take on a huge

corporation or the falsely accused trying to clear his or her name against all the resources of the government. Choosing the right attorney can often be as important as choosing the right doctor!

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